Ricapil Rapid is a cosmetic product for topical use to be applied directly to the scalp that draws on a blend of 9 medicinal herb extracts, chosen to stimulate the blood supply to distressed hair bulbs.

The treatment gives the hair bulb the substances it needs, strengthening it and helping to reduce further hair loss. If the bulb is still alive, Ricapil Rapid helps restore it to action and stimulates natural hair regrowth.

Ricapil is practical and pleasant to use and dries quickly.
Ricapil has been developed for direct application on the scalp, it has a non-oily formula and is easy to use.
At the start of treatment, Ricapil Rapid should be used daily. A minimum treatment period of 3 months is recommended.
You may experience a slight burning sensation after the first few applications, however this will disappear as you continue treatment.

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